make a reservation

if there is a wait you can make a reservation


For summer business, all dining will be in the upstairs, and patio portions of the restaurant.  When making a reservation, please choose inside or patio.

Our patio tables hold a maximum of 7 people, and groups larger than 7 will be divided and put at separate tables, TABLES CAN NOT BE PULLED TOGETHER ON OUR PATIO.


We DO NOT allow reservations for more than 12 guests. For any large party reservations please email

If you make multiple reservations, they will be treated as separate reservations, and will be seated accordingly.

We have a 15 minute grace period on all reservations.

If you are more than 15 minutes late to your reservation, your reservation will be voided.

Your reservation is limited to 1.5 hours for tables up to 4 guests, and 1.75 hours for tables of 5 or more.

Changes to any reservation will be difficult and in many cases impossible.

If you can not make it to your reservation, we ask that you inform us at least 24 hours before.

If you agree to the information above, please make your reservations with us now: